How to make your own web page

Making your own web page is easy. A good way to start is by looking at the page Getting started on the Web at Stanford. It tells you how to make a web page on the leland machines, and it has templates that you can just copy and fill in, an HTML Tutorial, and lots of images.

You can also have your web page in a directory called 'WWW' on turing. In this case your URL will be assuming the main page is in a file called index.html. This has the disadvantage that you'll have to fit all your files into your turing quota, and if you're using many images and making available many ps files they can take up a lot of space.

You can use the program latex2html to convert latex documents into HTML so that you can put them in your web pages. Pictures (trees etc.) will be automatically made into gif files and integrated with the resulting pages.

Use weblint to check the syntax of your html pages.

If you write a lot of web pages you may want to consider using the html-mode for emacs - it saves a lot of time. See help html-mode.

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