Dialling in remotely

In order to be able to dial in remotely, you will need to have a leland user ID and password, i.e. you will first have to open a leland account.
Of course you also need a modem (Fry's Electronics is usually the best place to buy one around here), and some software. Most people at Stanford use MacSamson, which can be used both for serial dial-in sessions, and for telnet sessions when used in conjunction with MacSLIP. Both MacSLIP and MacSamson are available free from the Site-Licensed Server (in the Stanford zone of AppleShare). They come with great documentation files that tell you all about how to install and use them.
325-1010 will connect you to any of a large number of modems. They support 9600 bps (V.32) to 56K), and PPP (or MacSLIP + a PPP Script).
The modem software should be set to 8 bits, no parity, one stop bit.
In a serial session, type the name of the host you wish to connect to (probably turing) when the tip prompt appears.

MacSLIP will let you various things at home, via modem, which normally require an ethernet connection. For example, you can

For further information, look at the Sweet Hall dialin page and check out help dialin, help slip, and help mac-slip and information about the New Modem Pool.

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