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Why use X?

There are many programs on turing that you can't use if you don't use an X terminal. Those are, for example: Given that Macintoshes can do many of the same things, these factors may not be important to you. The time when you are most likely to want to use a workstation is if you start using LaTeX. Working from a workstation which allows previewing of the document (with xdvi or ghostview) is much preferable to printing out pages and pages of attempts. The best place to go for this purpose is Sweet Hall (use the elaines).

How to use X?

If you use a workstation at Sweet Hall but want to do your work on turing (because of the macros and programs available there), you can use rlogin to log onto turing from a window on the workstation. Note that you need to use /usr/ucb/rlogin if you go from the Sweet Hall machines to turing and other hosts that do not use kerberos, while your default rlogin is probably /usr/leland/bin/rlogin, which is what you need to rlogin between the kerberized machines in Sweet Hall. Since you probably want to use both at some point, the best fix for this is to make a menu item in your Commands menu in your .twmrc that opens a window with an appropriate rlogin session to turing - this would look something like:
"turing" !"xhost turing; xterm -geometry =80x30-0-0 -T turing \
-e /usr/ucb/rlogin -l username turing &"
In order to display things like .dvi files on the workstation, type setenv DISPLAY elaine2:0.0 (or whatever the name of the workstation is in place of elaine2) in your turing window after logging on. Then type in another window on the workstation xhost turing which tells the workstation you will be displaying things from turing (you don't need to do this second bit if you're using the above TWM menu item).

Once you have done that, if you run some programs in the turing window, like emacs, or a previewer like xdvi, you will get a new window popping up on your screen. (If you want to be able to keep typing in the turing window while your other windows are active, start the new programs with & after the command, like emacs &.)

Here's a guide to Using X Windows (on the Leland Systems).

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